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Address: Franklinweg 8, 4207 HZ Gorinchem, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 183 643 800
Webpage: https://www.merford.com/en
E-mail: info@merford.com

Specialist in noise control and special doors
Our innovative and high-quality solutions in noise control and special doors reduce all types of noise pollution and transform desired sound into an experience.



Address: Polytec-Platz 1-7, 76337 Waldbronn, Germany
Phone: +49 7243 604-0
Fax: +49 7243 69944
Webpage: http://www.polytec.com/
E-mail: info@polytec.de

Polytec has been developing and producing optical metrology solutions for research and industry for more than 50 years. This includes systems for non-contact vibration measurement, surface characterization, length and velocity measurement, process analytics and optical systems.
Laser vibrometers manufactured by Polytec define the globally recognized standard for optical vibration measurement and test objects of various sizes - from entire car bodies to microcomponents such as MEMS.

Ecophon Saint-Gobain

Address: Parallelweg 17 I 4878 AH Etten-Leur I, Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)6 30 5758 29
Webpage: http://www.ecophon.nl

Ecophon is a leading supplier of total acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls. Our extensive product offering is designed to seamlessly meet the unique requirements of every space, from offices to healthcare institutions and educational environments. Our different product groups form an integrated approach for every project. Discover the power of synergy with Ecophon's total solutions and transform spaces in which sound is perfectly balanced with design and sustainability. Our goal is to have "A Sound Effect on People" and that makes us passionate advocates of the influence of acoustics on people's performance and overall well-being. As part of the global Saint-Gobain group we contribute to Making the World a Better Home.

Eilenburger Fenstertechnik

Address: Am Lauchberg 1, D-04838 Eilenburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 3423 / 65 66 ? 0
Fax: +49 (0) 3423 / 65 66 ? 66
Webpage: https://www.eilenburger-fenster.de/en/welcome/
E-mail: info@eilenburger-fenster.de

Eilenburger Fenstertechnik is a solid medium-sized company located in the German Federal State of Saxony. We are your efficient partner for the production and assembly of windows and doors made of plastic and aluminium – for all sophisticated renovation and new construction projects in Europe – from enquiry to acceptance and even beyond. Over 30 years of successful market presence speak for themselves. Since its founding in 1990 by Gerold Schwarzer, we have been a reliable partner to the construction industry throughout Germany. As an owner-managed family enterprise we have a special claim: close cooperative partnership, yesterday, today and tomorrow.



Address: Diplomvej Bldg. 381
Phone: +45-8870 8845
Fax: +45-8870 8090
Webpage: https://odeon.dk
E-mail: gf@odeon.dk

ODEON is the most comprehensive software for room acoustics. Use the ODEON software for simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of buildings. With the appropriate treatment, outdoor situations can be studied as well. Given a 3d-model and materials (surface properties), the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated into the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with a modified ray tracing algorithm.


Address: Amp?reweg 18, 2627 BG Delft, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 88 8770700
Webpage: https://www.bedrock-audio.com/index.php/contact
E-mail: info@bedrock-audio.com

The Bedrock brand stands for high-quality, high-end measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio. Our products combine the ease of use of a smartphone with the highest professional and scientific standards of performance and accuracy. Our devices are designed by our own team of scientists and engineers, and built in our own production facility in the Netherlands.


Address: Strzygłowska 81 04-872, Warsaw, Poland
Phone: tel:(+48) 225188300
Webpage: https://svantek.com

SVANTEK is a leading manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation and software for professional use in the field of occupational noise, human vibrations, environmental noise monitoring, and building and ground vibrations.With quality and technical excellence at the heart of the company's concept, our noise and vibration monitors are second to none.
We understand our clients' needs and strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market demands at SVANTEK. As a result, our equipment has the most outstanding reputation for its breakthroughs, and our SVANTEK team, which includes acousticians and vibroacoustic specialists, guarantees the finest technical support.

Metecno Sound

Address: Am Amselberg 1, 99444 Blankenhain, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 36454 56 555
Webpage: http://www.metecno-sound.com/
E-mail: sound@metecno.de

We specialize in producing acoustic sandwich panels that provide soundproofing solutions for noisy environments. Our panels offer sound insulation up to 70 dB and absorption up to 1.0. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the perforated side has corrosion class C5. We have an extensive database with over 80 measurements available to help you find the right solution.

CA Acoustics

Address: Rm 1-B-12N, No. 48 North Third Ring West Road, Beijing, 100086 China
Phone: +86 10 5162 6577
Webpage: https://www.caacoustics.com
E-mail: tang@caacoustics.com

CA Acoustics have been focusing on the developing and producing of perforated metal acoustic wedges and broadband absorbers for over 15 years, constructing customized anechoic chambers, acoustic wind tunnels, and various acoustic testing facilities.

Sinus Messtechnik

Address: D-04347 Leipzig, Foepplstr. 13, Germany
Phone: +49 341 24429-47
Webpage: http://www.sinusmess.de/
E-mail: cg@sinusmess.de

SINUS Messtechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer of software and hardware solutions regarding acoustic and vibration measurements, analysis and evaluation. Alongside with hands-on devices like sound level meters, mobile and industrial multi-channel measurement systems, monitoring solutions and acoustic cameras, SINUS offers also professional software applications, sensors and accessories - everything in accordance to European and international Standards.


Address: Ambachtenlaan 54, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Phone: +32-16-230103
Fax: +32-16 23 26 96
Webpage: http://www.akron.be/
E-mail: info@akron.be

Akron is an organization specialized in sales of measurement-, test, and analysis equipment with numerous applications in a wide range of markets. We represent a wide range of international products for the measurement of physical and mechanical variables such as noise, vibrations, strain, force, distance, etc. Our purpose is to find together with you the appropriate solution for your measurement campaigns. Our advice is of course free of charge! On your request we assist you with the selection of the appropriate sensors and equipment and offer you demonstrations of our supplier's products. In case you need a temporal solution or need an extension of an existing solution we offer various options in our rental services. Here as well we strive to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your measurement campaign. You can also contact us for a full calibration- and repair service for sensors such as microphones and accelerometers, regardless of the brand. Our calibration services offer a wide range of accreditation certificates. With the help of our suppliers we can offer you a full support as well as the organization of seminars to teach you the basic skills or to stay "up-to-date" of the newest techniques and products. We are your interface with the right supplier, you share your wishes with us and we take care of the rest!

Rion Norsonic

Address: 3-20-41 Higashimotomachi, Kokobunji, Tokyo 185-8533, Japan
Phone: +81-42-359-7888
Fax: +81-42-359-7442
Webpage: http://www.rion-sv.com/

Founded in 1944, RION CO., LTD. emerged from the Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, dedicated to translating scientific breakthroughs into commercial products. Committed to the societal significance of acoustics, RION focuses on enhancing quality of life through its three divisions: Medical Instruments, Environmental Instruments, and Particle Counters. The Medical Instrument Division specializes in hearing aids and medical equipment, catering to otolaryngology. The Environmental Instrument Division produces sound and vibration measuring instruments. The Particle Counter Division manufactures devices for measuring particles in air and liquids. Adapting products to customer needs has secured RION's leading industry position, driving the company's vision of creating an easily liveable society.
Norsonic, established in 1967, is a prominent manufacturer of precision measurement instruments for sound and vibration. Collaborating closely with customers, Norsonic stays ahead in the global market for sound and vibration instrumentation. The vision is to provide innovative, high-quality sound instrumentation with a 3-year warranty. A rigorous quality philosophy encompasses the entire product lifecycle, including design, internal tests, and pattern evaluation at international laboratories. The Norsonic Calibration Laboratory is internationally accredited, providing calibration certificates for certain products. With over 20% of turnover invested in research and development, Norsonic continuously enhances existing products and engages in international standardization work. Proudly customer focused, Norsonic ensures products remain up-to-date for years, leveraging external collaborations in their R&D efforts.


Address: Microflown Technologies, Tivolilaan 205, 6824 BV Arnhem, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 88 0010 800
Fax: +31 (0) 88 0010 810
Webpage: https://www.microflown.com
E-mail: info@microflown.com

Microflown Technologies, located in the Netherlands, is known for its innovative Microflown sensor, the first to directly measure acoustic particle velocity. Our sensor has transformed vibroacoustic testing, offering new methods for sound and vibration analysis in industries such as automotive and aerospace. With more than 25 years of experience, our journey in acoustic innovation has led to unparalleled acoustic testing solutions. We invite you to visit our booth to explore our unique solutions and discover the exceptional benefits of our technology, contributing to a quieter world.


Address: Newtonlaan 115, Office No. 2.21, 3584 BH Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone: 31 302106021
Webpage: https://placidinstruments.com
E-mail: info@placidinstruments.com

PLACID Instruments BV is a research-oriented high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development of acoustic measuring equipment, acoustic engineering design, and acoustic vibration technology consulting. The company's core business is the R & D and manufacture of measurement sensors, test systems, professional recording microphones, professional audio equipment, and acoustic vibration test systems.


Address: No.10, Xianqiao Road, Zhongtai Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
Phone: +86-571-88225198
Webpage: https://www.crysound.com
E-mail: cry@crysound.com

Since 1997, CRYSOUND has provided cutting-edge acoustic measurement products globally, serving over 10,000 customers in 80+ countries, including industry leaders such as Microsoft, Samsung, and etc, with a portfolio encompassing measurement microphones, acoustic imagers, and more.

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